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Individual Counseling

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Individual Counseling is just what it sounds like: just you and the therapist. I understand that therapy might sound like something really scary, but it doesn't have to be! My style is very eclectic, and I develop my treatment plans based on each person's need. I believe in creating a safe and nonjudgmental space for clients to feel comfortable. No problem is too big or small!

Initial Intake - $190

30 minute session - $105

45 minute session - $130

60 minute session - $160

EMDR - $180 per session

Couples Counseling

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Couples Counseling consists of the client and his or her family. Topics covered include parenting, coparenting, managing behaviors, relationship concerns or premarital concerns. We focus on communication and strengthening relationships.

60 minute session - $160

Online Counseling

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Online Counseling is being provided through the Better Help platform. It is a little different, as you just pay a flat monthly fee and can schedule video, voice or chat appointments at your convenience. This can be a great way to start if you are unsure or nervous about starting therapy, or if you have transportation issues.

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ESA Letters

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Whether you already have a dog that you would like to be your Emotional Support Animal, or you would like to obtain one the proper way, I can help! Sessions consist of financial planning, mental health recovery, selecting the appropriate breed, obedience training, and ongoing support that helps you maximize the benefits of owning an ESA.

Running Coaching

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Whether you are wanting to improve your mental health through running or want to train for a race, I can help! Customized plans and check ins help you obtain your best physical and mental fitness.

We accept Private Pay and are now able to accept insurance from the following providers:



Blue Cross Blue Shield


United Healthcare

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